Premier Surgical Hernia Center

Meet Dr. Bradley – Herniologist

Dr. Joel “Trey” Bradley is a General Surgeon at Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville, Tennessee. Dr. Bradley is based at the Premier Surgical office located at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. He is a Herniologist, a physician who studies and specializes in the treatment of hernia. Dr. Bradley works closely with Dr. Kristopher Williams, who […]

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Repaired and Restored

Parkwest Medical Center Health & Lifestyles There are plenty of ways to reduce the size of your belly. None of them were working for Gloria Stofflet of Crossville, TN. With lots of exercise and trying her best to stick to a healthy diet, she wasn’t sure why her belly bulge wouldn’t budge. “I had this […]

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Recognizing a Hernia

News from Fort Sanders Regional Simply put, a hernia is a hole inside the body where there’s not supposed to be one, and when something comes through that hole, you may notice a new or unusual lump or bulge under the skin. Hernia are most common in the groin or anywhere on the abdominal wall, […]

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Hernia: Signs & Symptoms

Hernias are an all too common condition. More than 1 million hernia repair procedures are performed every year in the United States. However, a successful surgery means a patient can get back to their normal day-to-day life, without the discomfort a hernia can cause. What Is A Hernia? A hernia occurs as a result of […]

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What You Need To Know About Hernia Surgery

Hernia repair is a one of the most common procedures at Premier Surgical Associates of Knoxville, as it is nationally. Over one million Americans undergo some type of hernia surgery each year, according to the American Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Roland B. Weast, MD, FACS , is one of the board certified surgeons at […]

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CeDAR App is a Free Resource for Hernia Patients

Surgery for a complex hernias is often an intricate repair and the success rate depends in large part on the overall health of the patient. The physicians at Premier Surgical Associates know that preparing patients to make health changes before surgery is crucial to a successful outcome, and offer a tool targeted specifically to complex […]

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“N.E.W. U” Helps Patients Prepare For Successful Complex Hernia Surgery

According to the Food and Drug Administration, hernia repair is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. Over one million American undergo some type of hernia surgery annually. Small hernia repairs are common and are usually performed as outpatient surgery. But if a patient has a very large hernia, has had […]

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Types of Abdominal Hernias

An abdominal hernia is a defect, or a hole, in the abdominal wall allowing inside tissue or an organ to bulge through. Internal organs such as the intestines can sometimes become obstructed and even strangulated through small hernias, cutting the oxygen and blood supply off to those areas. In these instances, medical attention should be […]

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Pair of Premier Surgical Surgeons Team Up for Complex Hernia Repair

From East Tennessee Medical News By Joel “Trey” Bradley, III, MD and Kristopher Williams, MS, MD Over the past several years the complexity of patients and difficulty of hernia repair has dramatically increased. We saw this during our fellowships at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. We each spent two years of intense research […]

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6 Signs and Symptoms of a Hernia

A hernia is a defect, or hole, in the abdominal wall that allows inside abdominal tissue or an organ to bulge out of its normally contained space. The abdominal wall is comprised of numerous layers of muscles and tissues. Hernias, or weak spots in the tissue may be present at birth, they may develop over […]

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