Premier Surgical Hernia Center

Meet Dr. Bradley – Herniologist

Dr. Joel “Trey” Bradley is a General Surgeon at Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville, Tennessee. Dr. Bradley is based at the Premier Surgical office located at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. He is a Herniologist, a physician who studies and specializes in the treatment of hernia. Dr. Bradley works closely with Dr. Kristopher Williams, who […]

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Grandma Thrives After Complex Hernia Repair

From Fort Sanders Regional Health & Lifestyles An overhang of vines on the deck of Norma Griffin’s Dandridge home provides shade on a sunny day. It’s a peaceful place for Griffin to recover from successful hernia surgery at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center – and peace is welcome after several years of medical chaos. “I […]

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Premier Complex Hernia Center

According to the Food and Drug Administration, hernia repair is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. Over one million Americans undergo some type of hernia surgery every year. Many hernias can be repaired laparoscopically, which means smaller incisions, less invasive procedures, and less time in the hospital. However, some hernia […]

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